A Story of Survival
Written by
Donna M. Kshir
December 2016
Written by
Donna M. Kshir
December 2016

A Story of Survival is based on the fictional character Steven Moyer. Steven was your typical, average teenager until an untimely car accident caused by a drunk driver claimed the lives of both his parents. When his immediate family refused to take Steven into their homes and care for him, a naive Steven was forced into the vile foster care system.

Steven has been carted from one foster home to the next; over a dozen times in the last two years, and he has had a difficult time making friends and fitting into a new family unit.

Now in his teens, Steven is abruptly placed with Mr. and Mrs. Jones, and even though he is immediately made to feel welcome, once the caseworker leaves, the Jones reveal their true colors. Steven begins to experience slight signs of child abuse, but it doesn't end there. Over time the abuse escalates from pushing and shoving to full blown beatings.

Now, with no other choice, Steven is forced to make the hardest decision of his life; escape or continue to experience the abuse that could cost him his life.

This powerful story takes you through the daily drama of Steven's life through his own personal memories. Experience Steven's pain firsthand as you read through his journal entries during this horrific time in his life.

A Story of Survival Excerpt:

Wasting My Time:

It's late and I'm freezing.

I was given this sorry excuse for a blanket and expected to keep warm.

What are they thinking?

The blanket has more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese. 

I was told to cope with my new surroundings, but who can live, let alone cope, in this situation. Even the cockroaches have moved out.

I don't know why I'm wasting my time writing to you in this stupid journal. You don't know my feelings or what I'm going through. You're like everyone else in my life; clueless. I'm writing my deepest, darkest thoughts and you just lay there and do nothing. You never help me. 

This journal was a stupid idea. Who cares about you
anyways? Do I really think your going to help change my life or get me out of this situation?

No! Yet I continue to confide in you anyways.

This journal has been nothing, but trouble for me. Do you hear me? Trouble! I should just throw you in the trash where you belong. Why are you trouble, you ask? Writing these stupid words will never set me free. It won't let me escape my past, let alone these four walls. I'm caged like a wild animal. There is no escape. No matter how much I tell you or complain, words won't get me out of here. Words won't fix what's broken. Words won't give me my life back. You may think you're helping me, but the truth is you're not helping me solve anything. You suck--just like everything else in my life. 

100% of all proceeds will be donated to Advocates United for Humanity. Help us to give back by purchasing a copy today. AU4Humanity is a nonprofit organization that provides vital resources to those affected abuse. For more on AU4Humanity, visit their website:  http://advocatesunited4humanity.weebly.com/

For more information or to order your copy today, visit:  http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/kshirandpotter

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