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Written by
Marina Adwerd
November 2016
Written by
Marina Adwerd
November 2016

You’re in safe hands with Cambridge’s experts in musculoskeletal conditions.

“For years I struggled with lower back pain and, despite appointments with both doctors and physiotherapists, I found that nothing was able to alleviate the pain long-term. That was until I discovered chiropractic treatment at Physio Cambridge.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to get rid of the constant pain and discomfort that had plagued me for so long. Like many people I’d just learnt to live with my back and neck problems. But now I feel comfortable and flexible again – it’s done wonders for my overall health and wellbeing.”– Joe Bloggs, Cambridge.

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Physio Cambridge offers unrivalled care for patients suffering from musculoskeletal and neuromuscular issues. At our Cambridge clinic we combine the latest treatment methods with meticulous attention to detail, gettingyou back on their feet in the shortest time possible.

If you have been searching for a physiotherapist in Cambridge to tackle pain and discomfort of the back, neck, pelvis or any other problem area, why not get in touch with the specialist team of chiropractors at our clinic.Book now.

Think you need a physiotherapist in Cambridge?

Physiotherapy is a well-known form of healthcare, often sought by people suffering from muscle, joint and ligament problems. But over recent decades, chiropractic has emerged as an effective alternative to physiotherapy. Chiropractic is a manual therapy that places emphasis on spinal manipulation to realign joints and treat disorders affecting the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems.

At Physio Cambridge – part of Milton Chiropractic Clinic – we treatmany patients who would typically arrange an appointment with a Cambridge physiotherapist but are ready to explore a tailored, targeted and holistic therapy.Through our patient-centred approach we not only aim to ease the immediate pain but also identify and treat the underlying problems. This helps our patients achieve long-term improvements rather than short-term relief.

Like physiotherapy, chiropractic can provide an effective, non-invasive solution to a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions. We also work closely with doctors and their patients recovering from surgeries, helping to reduce pain and restore movement.

Call us today on 01223 581200.

Get to know the experts at Physio Cambridge

The team at Physio Cambridge/Milton Chiropractic are all highly trained in chiropractic techniques. We utilise the latest technologies and evidence-based practice to treat patients. This includes Myovision Scanning, Shockwave Therapy and Gait Scanning.

From running injuries to neck and back pain, persistent headaches to trouble sleeping, our chiropractors are well placed to help identify the source of your problems and take measures to provide sustained or complete relief.

In the UK today, 80% of people suffer from back pain at some point, and it is extremely common for people to be in regular discomfort because of a range of problems. The NHS recommends manual therapy, as practised by chiropractors, as a proven treatment option for this type of medical issue.

At Physio Cambridge, our belief is that chronic pain and regular niggling issues should not be suffered in silence. Seeking fast, effective treatment can significantly improve an individual’s general health and wellbeing, which is why we would urge you to contact us and discover how we can tackle the problems that have been inhibiting your enjoyment of life.

Discover chiropractic at Physio Cambridge

There are a range of physical therapy options available to patients today and it can be hard to know which health professional is right for you.

At Milton Chiropractic we believe that chiropractic can be both an effective alternative to physiotherapy and also a complementary form of therapy in many cases. A large percentage of our patients suffer from chronic back and neck pain when they come to us, finding that other courses of treatments have not managed to cure or ease their conditions.

We typically use a combination of manipulation techniques and exercises commonly used by physiotherapists to tackle pain and accelerate rehabilitation of the problem area.Like many Cambridge physiotherapy clinics we also place emphasis on injury prevention and tailoring treatment plans to prevent pain or injuries from returning. Where we find lack of strength, stiffness, imbalances or evidence of scar tissue, we will instruct patients to follow a bespoke exercise plan alongside clinic-based treatment.

“Many of our patients at Physio Cambridge come to us when the pain they are experiencing starts to hold them back in life. It may be that they are unable to lift their children, drive long distances, exercise or even go to work.

The team here are adept at diagnosing and quickly treating problems that perhaps other health professionals haven’t been able to remedy. Since we first opened our doors in 20XX, we have treated more than 10,000 patients with a range of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular problems. Our message to all of our patients and those thinking of seeking help with an issue is the same: never suffer in silence and believe that chronic pain is just a part of life. The benefits of seeking help and getting effective treatment can not only treat the source of the pain, but also result in marked improvements in a patient’s broader health and wellbeing.” – Jasper Hulscher, Head Chiropractor

Working with everyone from the elite to the elderly

Most people know about the benefits of physiotherapy in treating muscle strains and back issues among the general public and elite athletes. But few people are aware that chiropractic is becoming an integral part of sports rehabilitation and prehabilitation. For several years we have been working with sports stars, including the team at Cambridge United to help players speed up their recovery, make performance gains and avoid injuries in the future.

Want to find out if we can help you? Why not call us on 01223 581200 or use our Live Chat tool now.

Physio Cambridge: Patient-centred care from start to finish

We believe that quality healthcare starts right from the initial examination. We take the time to get to know our patients because we want you to develop trust in our tried and tested way of working.

During an initial consultation we will look for the underlying health problems and weak points in the musculoskeletal system. Through mobilisation and strengthening exercises we work with your body to help it realign, adjust and find its natural balance once more.

We also take a broader view on treatment than may be found in many physiotherapy clinics, utilising techniques such as Shockwave Therapy and Dry Needling. No two people are the same and so a one-size-fits-all approach to manual therapy may not work for every single patient.

The clinic is open six days a week, with extended opening hours to suit patients with busy lives. If you want to put an end to pain and discomfort, book an initial consultation with us today. Book now.

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