Maranda Sings, the Lipstick Queen!!
Written by
Marsha Marie
November 2016
Written by
Marsha Marie
November 2016

Hi guys,

I hope that this blog finds you well today. Thanksgiving is coming up soon and I am assuming that everyone is getting ready for that. Well, love is in the air here in Arizona, and this afternoon, I have a wedding to go to. I am so happy that my friend Lakeisha found the man of her dreams. 

So since love is on my brain, I wanted to write this week about the topic of love. I had first thought to share with you about the time that one of my students in Pakistan fell in love with me and began to--sort of--stalking me….but I nearly fell asleep writing it—BORING!—so killed that thought.

Instead, I decided to write about a young woman I have been watching lately who is deeply in love—with herself. I am talking about Maranda Sings. She is a fictitious creation of the comedian and actress, Colleen Ballinger, which has become a YouTube sensation. And just recently she has gotten her own show on Netflix called HATERS BACK OFF.

I was first turned onto this show by my son who came bouncing out of his room one night with his laptop in hand, “Oh Mom, you have got to see this!” He showed me part of the first episode and I was instantly hooked. Maranda is so full of herself that you just have to laugh at her. I am still trying to decide if she has some kind of social disorder of not, but kodus to Colleen for creating this hilarious lipstick queen---the ultimate love-herself goddess! I am almost thinking that Colleen has created my very own alter-ego for me. hahahaha

As if the show wasn’t funny enough, a few weeks later, my daughter showed me Maranda Sings YouTube channel….."What? She has her own YouTube Channel too????" I screamed, and I have been in stitches ever since. I think one of my favorite videos is the one where she was in Hawaii and complaining about how boring it was. I made the mistake of eating while watching the video and nearly choked while laughing with food in my mouth. Damn this woman is funny!!!

Hey Colleen, if you are reading this blog, you go girl!! I wouldn’t change a thing!

Love, Marsha

(Maranda Sings in action.)


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