I Am a Survivor:
Written by
Donna M. Kshir
November 2016
Written by
Donna M. Kshir
November 2016

I Am a Survivor:

(by Donna Kshir)


Life gives us struggles to face

a test of strength

Always searching to find my place

standing in true faith


Life is challenging

The days are long and hard

The nights feel never ending

But through God's grace I go on


Bruises and broken bones

where all I knew

Broken promises

held together by cheap glue

Kicked out, no place to go

hungry and nothing to eat

Fear is all I know

life on the street


Those days are long gone

but the memories are alive and running

What seems to be cut, dry and done

keeps my mind wondering


I dream of fluffy clouds and colorful rainbows

I feel the desire to love

but who knows

Only through God I shall overcome


I struggled everyday

my skin is still tender and raw

I pray for Him to light the way

I came and now I saw


To let go of sorrow

make peace within

Time is on borrow

life is not about pain but living


My past is now behind me

a new day has begun

Today is about me

and its only just begun


I don't know what the future holds

tomorrow has yet to be written

My life is an open book

with entries still to be written

One thing I know

and I know for sure

I am a survivor

I owe that to our almighty Lord

Let's be friends

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