A Letter to My Long-Lost Aussie Bestie, Peline
Written by
Marsha Marie
November 2016
Written by
Marsha Marie
November 2016

Dear Peline,

Hi there my Aussie mate. It has been so long since we last chatted. I think the last time was actually during the time you were in Turkey taking care of your parent’s hotel. I can’t believe that you have not returned any of my messages!! Bloody hell!!

So much has happened since our last coffee at the City Seasons in Al Ain. It is now going on three years I’ve been back to the States. I finally published that book that I always wanted to write. And I was finally able to clear my name in the courts—long overdue! Mona is doing great; she has started her own online designing business and is as creative as ever. Her favorite thing to do is designing mandalas. Shedi is doing great too. He is working hard and is so patriotic. He has his guns and his truck….and listens to country music….. wow, I did not see that coming. Haha. It’s hard to believe that he was working for Emirates Airline just a few years back—I still have you to thank for that.

Well, still no news about Nudul. I had to block Zain on gmail because of his hate-emails. They were just to vulgar to tolerate any longer. I ended up forwarding the last one to his family so they would understand why I had to block him. Luckily others in Zain’s family gives me updates on how he is doing. I pray for Nudul’s safety and happiness every day. I haven’t been keeping up on the politics in Pakistan as I should; but it makes me too sad when I do—I miss my baby so much.

So, how about Aussie-you these days? Have you gotten married yet? Where are you living now? In UAE, Australia or Turkey?  Are you working? How is your health? I know you said that you were bad at keeping contact with your friends,,,,but damn mate! It wouldn’t hurt to at least reply to one of my emails at least once.

Do you know what I miss most about you most? It’s definitely your accent. Hahaha. And of course, I miss just hanging out, drinking coffee and shooting the breeze about anything and everything, all of those amazing desert nights on your patio and at the myriad of restaurants around town. As a matter of fact, just last week I found a place in Arizona that reminded me of our many hours together. I was sitting outside on the patio of an Arabic restaurant just gazing at the sunset and enjoying the fresh air. I swear to God, for a split second I forgot that I was back in America. I really thought that I was sitting there waiting for you to show up— just like the times I waited for you outside of Bawadi Mall. Such déjà vu.  The weather was exactly the same, and the metal furniture was bloody spot-on.

Oh man, we had so many good memories in Al Ain didn’t we? Remember when we used to scan the dating sites? I tried to do it now, but it’s just no fun anymore without you. hahahah. Do you remember how we used to make fun of those guys? It’s like— don’t they know that women will be looking at these pics???? Good grief!

Honestly, I think I have sworn off men all together. I just give up on it now---I really would rather be alone. No, it’s not that their feet are too big or anything like that; it’s just that I am tired of getting my heart broken. I tried to chat with a few different guys, but they must have just felt too intimidated by me. You know—me being a world traveler, and author and all.. …… (oh yes, you know that I am still living in my own delusional world….hahahahah.)

But overall, I must say, I am really loving being back in Phoenix. I know that you didn’t think I would, but yea, I am. There are so many memories here—somehow it makes me feel a bit closer to my mother (can’t explain that one at all so don't bother trying to understand). And I am loving all of my new opportunities,(by the way, I started teaching again) and I am enjoying my internal sense of freedom—not having to look over my shoulder for the FBI to somehow trick me into coming back and going to jail. I am so thankful that all of that is behind me now. I am truly free!  

Well mate, I hope that you are doing well, and that somehow you get to read this letter on my blog. Come to America and we’ll have a great time. And for god’s sake, get a mammogram done!!!!!!! Stop being a bloody wimp!!!

I love you bugger!!!!


(Picture of the actual City Season---our favorite hangout!!)

Image result for four seasons al ain uae

(Picture of Bawadi Mall front view where we would have coffee.)

Image result for bawadi mall al ain uae

(Picture of Oasis Castle, Al Ain, UAE---only part of Al Ain's rich history!)

Al Ain, Uae, Castle, Oasis

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