What Do You Do When Your Dreams Are Shattered?
Written by
Patricia Robertson
November 2016
Written by
Patricia Robertson
November 2016

Hillary Clinton certainly knows about broken dreams. The dream of being the first woman president, one I suspect she held throughout her life, has been shattered after a brutal campaign.

And then there are all of those women and girls who dreamed of a woman president and role model. Those dreams aren’t gone for good as some day it will be realized, just not this year. Hillary has helped to pave the way for a future generation, just as Moses led the Israelites to the Promised Land but didn’t cross into that land himself.

But what do you do when your dreams have been shattered? You grieve. It is a painful loss, all the more painful depending on how long you have held the dream and how close you came to achieving it only to have it taken from your grasp.

As with all situations of grief, it takes as long as it takes. There is no prescribed time table for grief. You don’t magically get over a loss in three days or three years. Grief is personal and unique to the individual.

But after grieving, you pick yourself up, look among the wreckage of your dream and find new dreams, even better dreams, dreams rooted in your reality.

I pray that Hillary may find new dreams to sustain her and give her life meaning and purpose from within the ruins of this dream.

And I pray that Donald Trump proves to be a better man than what he showed us during this campaign. I pray that he will be able to put aside his ego and lead our country well over the next four years.

In response to the election results, I’ve decided to offer two of my books for free this weekend through Amazon Kindle, Dreamweavers and Buying Time.

Dreamweavers explores how our dreams change over the course of our life through the story of five individuals of differing ages.

Buying Time – set during the Cold War days of Ronald Reagan, Buying Time shows how a small group of individuals stepped out in faith to do their part to stop the Nuclear Weapons build-up in the world. With the election of Donald Trump, the specter of Nuclear War has come back onto the horizon. That’s why I’m offering this book now.

Both books will be free from Friday, November 11 through Monday, November 14. Just click on the links.

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