Exploring the Kindle Scout Program
Written by
Patricia Robertson
November 2016
Written by
Patricia Robertson
November 2016

I recently signed up for a relatively new program on Amazon, Kindle Scout. I had tried a year and a half ago with no success, but decided to give it another try. After all, the book I had submitted back then, Still Dancing, had been about a family dealing with cancer, not exactly a feel good romp.

My current novel, An Irish Slip Step, is the story of a love that lasted a lifetime and touched many other lives, a much more heartwarming topic. The romance starts in Belfast, Northern Ireland, after WWII so there’s talk of unrest and the IRA and a handsome IRA rebel to try to keep the heroine from her path. I’m hoping this one will do better.

Kindle Scout is a reader program where you, the reader, have an opportunity to look at unpublished works and nominate them for publication. If a book you nominate is picked for publication, you receive a free copy. As a writer, if your book is picked, you receive a 5 year publishing contract with Amazon Kindle, $1,500 advance and 50% on sales.

As with everything Amazon, I’ve heard positives and negatives about this program. I’ve heard that Amazon may provide some copy editing and suggestions, still it is expected that what you submit has already been copy edited. What Amazon will do as far as marketing and promoting your book is unclear to me, and the 50% royalty rate is lower than the 70% you can get with KDP select. Still, I see this as another avenue for getting my novel in the public eye and that’s why I decided to try it again.

To see my book and nominate it go to:  https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/1FZQDDJ5SNPO9

And if you like it, please share it with others!

Have you had any experience with Kindle Scout? I would love to hear from you.

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