Libraries Can Be Your Best Friend
Written by
Sheila Grinell
October 2016
Written by
Sheila Grinell
October 2016

My first library was a book-filled van parked outside the schoolyard. The bookmobile lady handed me four books, which seemed like a miracle to the third-grader I was at the time. Now, just approaching the entrance to this Scottsdale, AZ, library makes me tingle in anticipation of the pleasure to be found inside.

At most of the 17 branch libraries in Phoenix and five in Scottsdale, you can join a book club run by staff or volunteers. I visited some of the clubs, and several have decided to read my debut novel, Appetite, in the spring. I've signed up to give a one-hour "author talk" at two other libraries this winter. I'll also participate in a book fair for local authors, part of an annual festival hosted--and publicized--by the Scottsdale central library. Libraries are so good at connecting readers to the books they'll care about! I'm lucky that a couple of local librarians have taken me under their wings.

Perhaps the same can happen to you.

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  • Dhana Musil Querying

    I do alot of my writing at the library. It's open until 9pm, has a bit of a view and big tables. I can use the washroom without fear of someone making off with my computer and if I need a book for research, I can often find it. I love the library!

  • Darlene Foster

    I am doing a presentation of my latest book in my home town at the local library next month. This is the library I frequented as a child, the library I took my children to and the same one my grandchildren visit. I am so excited. 

  • Lizbeth Meredith

    That's wonderful to hear. I love libraries. Thanks for the good tip, Sheila, and I look forward to hearing how it goes for you!