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Growth Hormone Injections & Its Possible Side Effects
Written by
Marina Adwerd
September 2016
Written by
Marina Adwerd
September 2016

Hormones play a central role in human body. It is essential for controlling a number of factors including normal growth in human body. Hormones are basically used to transfer signals from one part to the other part of the body and human growth hormone is mainly responsible for growth processes.

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Human growth hormone, commonly known by its abbreviation HGH, is responsible for normal growth and development of human body, the sexual functions in both male and female bodies, the reproduction system, the metabolism of body and mood.

The pituitary glands in the human brain is responsible for secreting human growth hormone. HGH also influences height and bone growth as well as the muscle growth in human body. That is why people who want to build strong muscles often use HGH supplements to get desired results in less time along with exercise.

The HGH deficiencies can cause a number of health problems including dwarfism and short stature, sexual dysfunction, obesity, etc. It not only affect the children but adults as well. The HGH deficiency in adults result in fatigue, stress, anxiety, low sexual desire, increased risk of cardiovascular problems, etc. To treat growth hormone deficiencies, growth hormone injections are used.

Growth Hormone Injections:

The most popular and common treatment for the growth hormone deficiency is the growth hormone therapy using the growth hormone injections made in the laboratories. Usually somatropin HGH injections are used for HGH therapy. This man-made growth hormone mimic the behavior of natural HGH and overcome the deficiencies of HGH in human body.

HGH therapy through injections is prescribed by the doctors after careful examination and proper blood tests to determine the HGH deficiency and only then you can purchase HGH injections. The doctors also administer the doses according to the severity of deficiency. Visit http://hghsupplement.org/growth-hormone-injections/ to know more about it.

Apart from blood tests, various other things are also considered before prescribing growth hormone injections. The overall health and patient’s medical history, his age and tolerance for the treatment, treatment expectations and the extent of the condition are all taken into account before beginning the HGH therapy.

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