When God sounds like Elsa
Written by
Jennifer Jodziewicz
September 2016
Written by
Jennifer Jodziewicz
September 2016

On my birthday last week, I bought myself a gift. This box of lovely, beautiful, hummingbird note cards. I put them on my desk to have them at-the-ready whenever the urge struck to write someone a note. Just seeing the cards nearby made me smile.

Then, towards the end of the week, they disappeared. We have a big-hearted 7-year-old who believes that if she sees something with her eyes, anything, then it must belong to her. She then believes she has free reign to do whatever she pleases with whatever she has seen that pleases her. (Does anyone else have this problem??)

In hunting for the cards, I found them in her make-believe classroom for stuffed animals and barbie dolls, and she had written notes (messing up on the majority of them, and starting over on a new card each time) to her new classmates in school...

With this constant battle in our house, each discovery of a personal item I have been searching for and then find in her possession gets me just a bit more irate and irritated... This time I felt quite the explosion beginning to rumble, and I was ready to erupt... I just had to find her!

But then this still small voice said, "Let it go." Yes, sometimes God's voice sounds like Elsa. I argued. "But she has to learn she just can't take my things!! THEY'RE MINE!" Again the voice says, "Let it go."

I took a few more deep breaths, just as a bright-eyed, excited little girl runs into the room. "Mommy, look! I'm writing notes to my friends!"

"Yes, I see that." I pursed my lips into a smile, patted her on the head as she sat down to continue her notes... on my cards... and I walked out of the room... and I let it go.

Yesterday, I got a package in the mail. A belated birthday package from my dear Aunt Soni, with a wonderful letter updating me about my family in Indiana, and do you know what else was in that package? THESE HUMMINGBIRD NOTE CARDS! THE EXACT CARDS! MY CARDS!

Oh how silly I would have felt had I not just 'let it go.' How futile my tantrum would have been had I ranted about ownership of paper while crushing the generous spirit of a little girl who simply wanted to write notes to her friends. How thankful I am that I am reminded about stewardship and being a good steward of everything God has put under our care (especially our children), and releasing our 'felt rights' of ownership over the things of this world.

I am so thankful I simply let it go, even though that was not at all what I wanted to do at the time.

Now with even more significance, these cards sit on my desk. As I smile, looking at these cards, they represent the very whisper of God in my life telling me that He sees me, He knows what I need before I even ask, He is always working on my behalf in ways I will never know, and He uses people in our lives to bless us, love on us, and remind us of His everlasting love.

Sometimes, we really do have to just let it go.

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