Mini-memoir: The Kick
Written by
Marsha Marie
September 2016
Written by
Marsha Marie
September 2016

I have recently joined Voices (the speaking bureau for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence). My application reviewing process was not even complete when I received a call to do a talk about my personal story and the effects of domestic violence. I am so excited to finally share my story. I want to break the silence! I want to help others who are suffering in silence. 

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As I prepare for the talk, I am reviewing statistics and getting a power point together. The stats are almost too much to stomach. So many people are suffering each day. Beatings, chokings, and murder. I think to myself, how can this still be happening in 2016. Are we no more humane than a thousand years ago? 

The Kick

(a mini-memoir)

I lay in bed with my husband of not even a year. We are watching the TV that is just across the room. I try not to think too hard about the long day, or why the food wasn't exactly to his tasting. 

"Change the channel," he says. 

"Okay, I will." I say, as I always do. I roll over to my right side to get out of the bed. 

"Now!" he demands.

Suddenly I feel a sharp pain in the lower of my back as he kicks me with full force with his right leg. "I said now!"

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