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  • Celebrating Progress ~ from Hub Pages to Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing
Celebrating Progress ~ from Hub Pages to Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing

Dear Friends ~ 

I have decided to be good to myself and to offer my writing on a platform where it will receive what it is worth instead of being offered for free.  It's a leap of faith I am now willing to take.  I want to earn more than 3 cents a day on what I have written.  Once upon a time, my articles earned more, closer to two or three dollars a month, but the logarithm for the site where they lived has changed and the potential for earning a decent income from them has disappeared.  I would like to see them earn again what they are worth. 

It was not easy erasing the information that I originally posted on Hub Pages so that there would not be a copyright conflict between the 2 sites: Hub Pages and Amazon.  Their deletion means that I have two less articles to my credit as a Hub Pages author.  I am now okay with that.  I am glad that I saved the text and pictures when I first published them online so that I have the option of making the transfer from one digital form to another.

When I first submitted my writing to Kindle Direct Publishing, I kept the articles they echoed available as "hubs" because I wanted to have the pieces in both places to earn from both sources. I have since come to believe that such an approach would be self-defeating.  Based on the advice that content offered for free online reduces its monetary value, I took the articles down from where they were offered for free so that the only source of that information is via my Amazon ebooks.  They received a very positive response from many readers as "hubs," so I hope that they will be as appreciated by many more people as ebooks.

The names of the two books are Step by Step Guide to Painting a Sunflower Wall Mural: A Simple Guide in Words and Pictures and Planting and Cultivating the Healing Power of Sunflowers.  Both are part of a series I titled "The Joy of Sunflowers."   There is now a page with all 3 of my published books in one place on Amazon.  

I thank you all for your warm support and wise advice over the years.  Thank you for lifting me up and giving me the spark that lit my passion for writing well and sharing my craft with the world.

With much love and appreciation,

Karen A. Szklany

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    Just earned a small credit for one of my ebooks from Amazon's KDP.  I hope that such earnings will snowball over time!