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  • Book Marketing: What Traditional Publishers Expect from Authors Beyond Writing the Book
Book Marketing: What Traditional Publishers Expect from Authors Beyond Writing the Book
Written by
Yuwanda Black
August 2016
Written by
Yuwanda Black
August 2016

Getting a book contract is exciting beyond belief. I finally got a hard copy of the book. I said to my sister  one morning as I stuffed a copy into envelopes to mail off to those who contributed:

“I’m doing ‘authorly stuff;’ it makes me feel even more like a real writer.”

In case you don’t know, I’ve self-published over 90 ebooks (fiction and non-fiction). The Ultimate Freelancer’s Guidebook is not only my first traditionally published book, it’s my first paper copy book as well (it’s also available on Kindle). Post continued below ...

When I self-publish, I don’t do paper copies; I only do ebooks. So actually holding a copy of a book in my hand with my name on it – well, I have to say, it felt good. With that being said, writing the book was the easy part. Marketing is where the real elbow grease comes in.

Be Prepared to Answer These Questions If/When You Get a Book Deal

You see, just because you get a traditional book deal, it doesn’t mean they take care of everything for you. You are totally expected to market the heck out of it. In fact, one of the things that the publisher asked me about before I even signed the contract was what my blog’s stats were.

The Acquisitions Editor who initially contacted me about writing the book wrote:

One last thing: do you know the numbers for your Unique Monthly Visitor's and Monthly Page Views for your website? The publisher loves that sort of stuff.

They obviously wanted to see that I had a well-established platform of potential buyers. 

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A special report entitled “5 Things You Should Know about Freelancing in a Global Economy That Will Land More Clients” will be sent to everyone who pre-orders (on/before 9/1). Details on how to get it are at the end of the blog post mentioned above.


You can check it out and pre-order here (The Ultimate Freelancer's Guidebook).

Have an AWESOME weekend. I just got back to Jamaica (where I currently reside) after being in the states for a few weeks for a funeral. The serenity of the sea and the beauty that surrounds me here is exactly what my spirit needs right now.


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