Well, I don't know about you but I am easily distracted. I'm also good at making excuses, just ask my mother. I must admit, I have let life pull my attention away from Jesus and the life He he desires for me. I have let my excuses, stresses and responsibilities take my eyes off of Jesus. Can any one relate?

    Today, I have started seeking Jesus again. I must admit that today has been smoother. Even my three month old calmed when I began ready a few Psalms out loud. She literally was fascinated with the pages.Trust me she has encountered other books and she really couldn't have care less about them. The way she responded really spoke to my heart that Jesus is attractive and someone worth getting to know. I was instantly reminded of Jesus saying, "Let the little ones come to me." and was humbled by how my daughter approached Him with stars in her eyes. That is exactly how I should respond to the Word of God.

   I know I need to seek Him for my own benefit, but also for my child and my husband. He will make me a better mother, wife and self. So, at the very lest I plan on kneeling before God each day to listen to Him. Sure, I have lots to say, but I am sure my first step needs to be letting go of all I have grabbed since I last connected with Him. I need to give myself back to Him. I must begin by putting Him first so everything else can be free to fall into place.

    I'm positive I will stumble in this effort to seek my Savior. I will forget, or get lazy, but I know He will never stop calling me to Himself. I am very thankful that no matter how far I drift away from Him, He is still just one step away. I merely need to turn around.; background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; height: 266px; width: 320px; " data-original-id="BLOGGER_object_0" />

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