Publog July 30, 2016 --Angry with Facebook!

Dear Diary,

I am really disgusted with Facebook. Last week (while I posting adverts for Bangles up on the feeds of several of the hundred book lovers’ groups that I belong to) Facebook blocked my postings. They blocked me until August 5; and for what? For posting on a group that was originally made for this particular type of posting?  Where is the logic in that?

I tried to appeal the block, and gave my due reasoning, but alas no reply from them. So I decided to do some research about it; tried to find out if there is a daily limit to posting. One would think that information like that should be readily available. My search led me nowhere fast. Eventually I ended up in the discussion forums. It was there that I found that once Facebook blocks you there is no reversing it—never! I have no choice but to wait until August 5th.

So Facebook, my reply to you is, why aren’t you blocking those who truly abuse the Internet to spread hatred and smut? Are you not capable of telling the obvious difference between vulgarity, hate-speech or a book posting. And if you are going to enforce such idiotic rules as to limit posting within groups of which I am a member, why don’t you start by posting a notice on Facebook to let us know.  Knowledge is power, and now because you have kept this knowledge from me, I will lose two weeks of postings.  Thank you for nothing Facebook! 

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