Publog July 25, 2016

Dear Diary, 

It has been a couple of weeks since my last entry. So much has happened since then. I finally published the Kindle version of BANGLES, and I am ecstatic about the results. Although there were some awful technical difficulties, I had a wonderful time chatting with folks from all over the world. And the effort that my daughter put out in decorating the studio was delightful. 

So far there have been around 4500 downloads from Amazon. Can you believe that? I was so scared and would have been thankful to have only a couple hundred downloaded. But, now comes the really hard part: marketing the book. How do I spread the word about it? Why can't I just spend my time working on the next one? It doesn't seem fair. I really wish I had some book publishing fairy to do all of this for me. Not going to happen Marsha. 

Well, anyway, a really exciting thing happened today. I sent book 1 of the Sandi's Sweets Coloring Book Series to the domestic violence shelter today. My coordinator is going to give it to the teacher that does the art class for the kids. They will use it and give me feedback on it. Then I will be able to make any adjustments as needed. I wish I could be in the classroom when the teacher uses it. In any case, I requested that they send me some pictures of the ones they color so I can put it on my website. I hope that I can bring some light of happiness into their hearts. 

I have so many wonderful ideas for the next ten books in the Sandi's Sweets series. This is going to be so awesome! My mother would be so pleased to know that I have finally come thru with my promise to her--to do something special for kids who do not have homes. Once done with this shelter, then I need to start sending it to others in Arizona; my list is already ready. So once I conquer my own back yard, then I will head throughout the States. Wow,,,, I really dream too much don't I? But if there is one thing that I have noticed since my return to the States, is that, dreams really can come true! 

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