New SCN Online Class: All About Flash Nonfiction

Class Title: All About Flash Nonfiction
Instructor: Len Leatherwood 
Class Term: August 8-September 12, 2016
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This brand new course will focus solely on Flash Nonfiction, which is essay or memoir that is 1200 words or less in length. We will be using the text, The Rose Metal Press's Field Guide to Writing Flash Nonfiction edited by Dinty W. Moore and will explore the topics discussed in the book from understanding the flash nonfiction form to trying alternative approaches to flash nonfiction. This is a comprehensive course that will cover 5 weeks and we will go in depth into this type of short form writing, including structure, voice, point-of-view, symbols, beginnings and endings, and alternative approaches.

Class Description

Over a period of 5 weeks, this course will help you understand the beauty of writing "short" nonfiction. You will learn about basic story elements and structure, the power of language, as well as the importance of symbol and detail in your writing. You will have weekly lessons, reading assignments, as well as exercises. You'll experiment with analyzing what works in powerful examples of flash nonfiction in order to discern what techniques the writer employed. You will also discover the importance of thoughtful critique to aid your fellow writers and your own work.

Students will be able to:

  • Understand what flash nonfiction is and what it is not
  • Use image and detail more effectively
  • Understand more clearly what constitutes "voice"
  • Identify options for point-of-view in flash nonfiction
  • Discern more clearly where to begin and where to end in flash nonfiction
  • Become familiar with alternative structures for flash nonfiction

Instruction/Communication Method: Weekly lessons and prompts will be provided via our Yahoo Group site. Students will be asked to read information from various sources and do specific assignments related to story analysis and prompts for flash nonfiction. Students will be encouraged to discuss their problems and discoveries using group emails. Completed assignments will be uploaded as Word or PDF documents to each student's file on the website, for the instructor and classmates to offer feedback.


  • Unit 1: Understanding the Flash Nonfiction Form
  • Unit 2: The Power of Image and Detail as well as Finding Your Voice
  • Unit 3: Using Sound and Language as well as Thoughts on Points of View
  • Unit 4: Shaping Flash Nonfiction as well as Where to Begin; Where to End
  • Unit 5: Alternative Approaches to Flash Nonfiction

For more information: Story Circle Network Online Classes

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