Class Title: Writing in a Convertible with the Top Down
Instructor: Sheila Bender 
Class Term: August 1-August 29, 2016
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Join us in doing three writing exercises a week for four weeks that help speed writers on their writing way via experiments with metaphor and simile, evocative description, and excavating deep meaning from the details and images, while we also concentrating on finding a work's structure, overcoming writer resistance, and staying excited about writing projects.

Class Description

Using a Google Groups private group "classroom," participants will post the results of three free-writing exercises a week for gleaning response from classmates and the instructor. By working with images, metaphor, simile, story structure and our own moods as writers, we'll produce the kind of starts and kernels useful for finishing poems, stories , short memoir and even book-length work. The instructor will be sure to propose where you will take your writing starts next after class ends. Many of the exercises are based on ones in the instructor's book, Writing in a Convertible with the Top Down.

At the end of this class, students will be able to:

  • Enjoy free writing and feel it is taking them somewhere
  • Understand the value of metaphor and simile for finding deeper meaning
  • Sustain their commitment to writing
  • Imagine successful structures for short and longer work that will come of the starts in this class
  • Freewrite for future writing without impediment

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