The 5-Steps of an Online Book Launch
Written by
Joanie Chevalier
April 2017
Written by
Joanie Chevalier
April 2017

An author can spend months writing their best-seller, and then upload it to Amazon only to have it sit in cyberspace, gathering cyberdust. I know, because I’ve done it, and I don’t think I’m the only one.  What we missed is an important element needed: an online book launch.

There are important reasons why we need an online book launch:

  • Only a few days after publishing, your book will have verified reviews
  • With reviews, you attract more readers and you meet the criteria for advertising on some popular sites with minimum review requirements
  • It is a good chance your book will be in the top 100 Amazon free list in the first 30 days
  • The surge in popularity will run over into paying days
  • The continued momentum can carry your book to bestseller in your category

Here are five steps to make your online book launch a success.

1.  Invest in a professional book cover and an edited book.

This same idea goes for a Facebook banner too.    

Our readers won’t want to read something full of errors.  Don’t use them as proofreaders.  Also, beta readers should have already been engaged to catch inconsistencies or confusing sections of the book.  Of course, be open and encourage your team to let you know of any errors.  It’s better to know now then later, when published and in front of potential harsh reviewers.

2.  Create a (closed) book launch group on Facebook. 

Invite friends and fellow authors and ask around in your social circles to get more members.  It is good to think that only a third will leave a review.  So invite between 50 to 75 readers.  If 25 leave reviews, that’s a good start!

Provide ARCs. Use bookfunnel or instafree (keeping it private, not public).

3.  Engage. 

When you invite people to your book launch, make it interesting.  Encourage participation by posting articles and blogs related to your book, asking for feedback. Hold polls, have a few games and drawings for fun, if that’s your style.  Launching a book doesn’t have to be a serious (or boring) affair. 

4.  Let your readers know what their role is:

  • Download the ARC and read it before the publication date
  • During the free promotion, download a copy and then leave a review on Amazon (for a verified review)
  • Give them several ideas where to leave their review (Amazon US, Amazon UK, Goodreads, etc.)
  • Be sure and tell them that they are to give honest reviews.  We are not here to receive phony 5-star reviews

5.   Continue to promote and engage. Use social media to spread the word. Connect with others and be responsive and helpful. Join other book launches and spread the excitement. Create a book trailer (or have one created for you). Contact bloggers. Schedule advertising slots well in advance. Finally, have fun and enjoy the ride!

Joanie Chevalier’s book, Heads Will Roll, will be published May 21, 2017 and will be FREE May 23, 24 and 25, 2017.  Join her FB launch page or connect via twitter, Facebook or her website.



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