10 Reasons to Contribute Content Regularly to SheWrites.com
Written by
Christelle Lujan
April 2017
Written by
Christelle Lujan
April 2017

As you may have already discovered, your membership to SheWrites.com comes with a few perks! Not only are you a part of the largest online community for women writers, but you get access to helpful content and a blog of your very own!

With the click of the “Write” button, you can begin producing and publishing your own blog posts for the She Writes community.

If you’re wondering what you should write, check out this post here. If you’re wondering why you should use your She Writes blog, check out these ten reasons to contribute!

Each Piece of Content Grows the Community

The strength of SheWrites.com comes from its user-generated content. Thousands of members with experiences ranging from beginner to pro all have the same opportunity to share their story and offer tips.

Every time you write it contributes to the overall growth of the community. Not only does the content make the site as a whole more visible, but it helps members grow their individual careers. The more empowered female writers out there, the better!

Writing on Your She Writes Blog Gives You More Visibility

If you are using She Writes to make connections, grow a network and expand your career, there is no quicker way to get noticed than by offering helpful, useful content to the community. If you’re a cover designer looking for clients, offer tips on how to work with a designer via your blog. If you’re a new author looking for fellow newbies to lean on, blog your journey to the She Writes community. A profile is nice, but with so many members, content is what will make you stand out.

Blogging About your Writing Journey Is Cathartic

If for no one else, your She Writes blog can be a place where you relieve yourself of the pressure of writing. Feel stuck on a plot development? Struggling to find time for your craft? Blog away your troubles. You just might find some camaraderie and suggestions in the comment section!

Gain Practice Writing for an Online Audience

Writing online is very different from other forms. The way you format it, the length and even your tone often vary greatly form traditionally published articles or long form writing. If you’ve been resisting the encouragement to start your own blog, now is the time to dip your feet in and give it a try!

Be Featured in the SW Newsletter

The She Writes newsletter is sent regularly to the thousands of members within the community. Though there is news and announcements from our internal team, one thing we really like sharing with the community is your content. But you have to write for the chance to be featured! Being featured in the newsletter would greatly increase your visibility among the community and draw in new contacts.

Get Shared on SW Social Media Platforms

We also love sharing your content on Facebook and Twitter! The She Writes social media platforms reach an audience of over 27,000 users combined. That’s a lot of eyes on your writing.

Become a Mentor to Young Writers

If you have a wealth knowledge from years of experience the She Writes blog is a place where you can groom the future female writers of the world. Impart your knowledge on the community and become an online mentor for those just getting started.

Find Likeminded Individuals

If you blog about life as a memoirist, odds are you are going to attract fellow memoir writers. The more specific you are about what you write, the more likely you are to draw in others from your niche. This could help you form writing groups, extrapolate blurbs and identify beta readers. Add to the fact that you’ll likely gain a few new readers from the community.

Documented Personal Journey

If nothing else, your She Writes blog can serve as a personal diary of your career. With regular posting you can track your progress and enjoy the reflective and nostalgic aspects of a live diary.

SEO for Your Personal Site

If you are interested in driving traffic to your person site, She Writes can be helpful in that aspect as well. If you are providing valuable content on She Writes that links to valuable content on your own site, this can help improve your search engine optimization. In short, linking two quality online sources is good for helping people find your work more easily!

There are a lot of reasons to share on She Writes. Make sure you take advantage of one of the biggest free offerings on the site and start blogging today!

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