What to Write on Your SheWrites.com Blog
Written by
Christelle Lujan
April 2017
Written by
Christelle Lujan
April 2017

One of the biggest perks of joining the She Writes community is the free, easy-to-use blog that every member gets upon signing up. All you have to do is click “Write” to begin contributing to your member’s blog.

But the biggest question is… what should you write? If you’re a beginner or an amateur or work in a very niche writing segment, you may worry that you have nothing to contribute. That’s not true though, every member of She Writes has a unique and valuable perspective and we want you to share it.

Here are some tips on what to write and where to get started.

Choosing a Topic

There are lots of different types of content on SheWrites.com ranging from first-person accounts of writing experiences to expert industry tips. Everything is fair game!

Go Personal

Some new writers think they don’t have anything to contribute because they are in the position of looking for tips, not sharing them, but a personal perspective on a new writer’s journey is highly valuable.

Share your fears, your failures, your successes and your stumbles. You’d be surprised just how many people are looking for the validation of like experiences. Sometimes all anyone needs to know is that they aren’t alone!

Provide Resources

If you are on a writers journey, odds are you have found some really helpful tools, articles, people and podcasts that could be of value to others. At She Writes, we have found collaboration is much more powerful than competition. Share links to websites, courses, apps and every other asset that has helped you on your writing quest.

Share News

Many She Writes members like to use the community as a place to share good news. Not everyone has a personal network of writers, so SheWrites.com becomes the place to celebrate professional wins. If you have a book release, completed your first draft, or landed an agent, your blog can be a place where you go to give yourself a shout out! Your big success could provide much-needed encouragement to another member!

Give Tips

If you have just completed a process within the writing spectrum, share the details of your experience in a way that helps other members. If you just finished a round of development edits, give the “10 Do’s and Don’ts of Developmental Edits.” If you decided to self-publish instead of waiting for a traditional publisher, write a piece about “The Surprising Result of Self-Publishing My First Manuscript.”

Expert Insight

If you run a publishing-related business, you are a wealth of knowledge for our members. Editors can give quick grammar tips. Publishers can share notes on what sort of books are “hot” for the season. Designers can post examples of good and bad cover designs. Not only will these types of articles lead to great, helpful content among the community, it could also lead clients right into your doors.

Guidelines for Quality Content

This community has created more than 35,000 pieces of content since it was created and there is so much more great content to come.

There are no hard rules for what you can post, but if you want to ensure quality, you can follow some of these guidelines:

  • It should be helpful to others. Though personal accounts and promotions are great, try to think about what other members can get out of reading it.
  • Don't be a one-paragraph Sally. There isn’t a word count on She Writes so you can provide quick tips or lengthy guides, but make sure there is enough substance to whatever you post so that readers can gain value from it.
  • Do a quick edit. Try to make sure that you give your blog as much care as you would anything else you write. Do a check for typos and mistakes so that your readers have a quality experience that they want to come back for.
  • Think of your blog as a big business card. When you put your work out to an online community like She Writes, you’re giving the world an invitation to know you. Make sure your blog speaks to who you are and what you do!
  • Be consistent. You can post anytime you want, but the most value comes from making regular contributions. The more you post the more connections you’re likely to make.
  • Write in a readable way. There is no “one way” to write online, but there are formats that online readers are used to. One big block of text is hard to digest. Try breaking it up into bite size pieces using regular spacing, paragraph subheads, clear titles, bullets, hyperlinks and other blog elements typical to online content.

More than anything, enjoy your She Writes blog. If She Writes members are the foundation of the community, the content provided on the blocks are the strong wood frames. We love our member-generated content and can’t wait to read what you write!


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