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Navigating Like a Pro
Written by
Christelle Lujan
April 2017
Written by
Christelle Lujan
April 2017

Welcome to the new It’s sleeker, more modern and much more functional. We are thrilled to release SW 2.0 and we want to help you utilize and enjoy it as best as we can!

Below is a breakdown of some of the new features, recommendations for how you can use the site to build your writing career and an introduction into how you can best enjoy the community.

A Tour of the New (and Improved) Features

The homepage now offers a much sleeker user experience that allows you to browse content, find members and join groups easily.

Homepage Slider

The slider on the homepage will display relevant and recent news! Each slide is clickable and will lead you to more information.

Topics to start reading and following:

It is now much easier to find the topics you’re most interested in and digest content on that subject. Simply click a category you’re interested in and start reading!

Recent articles and trending content:

Once you’ve read all you can in the above categories, keep up on new articles and top trending posts.

Groups to join:

Finding groups that are relevant to you has never been easier. You can search groups and discover likeminded members. Find active discussions happening right now or start your own group based on a subject that interests you.

Top members to follow and connect with:

The foundation of the She Writes community is made up of its strong and talented members. Be sure to follow members who you can learn from, network with and share a lasting writing friendship with.

A One-click “Write” Button

Every member gets a She Writes blog and now it’s easier than ever to contribute your content to the community. Simple click the button and start writing today.

Get engaged in the writing community that has turned quiet dreams into bold realities!

How She Writes Can Build Your Writing Career

Now that you are a member of the new site, you might be wondering just how you can use it to grow your career. Well let us share a few ideas!

She Writes University

This brand new extension is gives members access to some of the most talented and experienced women in the business. Through webinars and exclusive content, this segment of the site will help you build on your existing skills, expand your platform and reach new heights with your writing.

Contributing Content

Now that it is easier to find content, you can really start using your blog to push the boundaries of your network. By creating high-quality, well-informed content that is interesting to members, you will make connections left and right.

If you are a fiction writer, discuss the trials and tribulations of your first draft. Perhaps you’ll find some beta readers. If you are an editor, give insider tips on self-editing. Those who read your post may just one day be looking for an editor and guess whose name will come to mind?

When you offer something of value for free, you become unforgettable. Contribute your expertise to the community and grow within your niche.

Develop a Network

Though writing certainly can be a solitary job, success is not a one woman show. To grow your career and hit new heights with your writing you’ll need encouragement, helpful advice, mentors, professional services and friends. Find all of those people and more within the She Writes member base.

The Best Way to Enjoy the She Writes Community

Those who get the most out of are the ones most involved. We know you can’t be on all day every day (or can you?). So make sure you are connected to the latest and greatest news.

Follow Us On Social Media

We share news, provide new content, and start exciting discussions on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you are following SW on social and join in on the live conversations taking palce right now.

Watch for the Newsletter

Not much of a social media person? That’s okay. You can get a great breakdown of highlights via our She Writes newsletter. We’ll send content from the community, promos and news right to your inbox. Every member is automatically signed up for the newsletter upon sign up. If you’re not receiving emails, check your junk folders and make sure our letters aren’t winding up in the garbage.

Comment on Content

When you read an article you like on SW, make sure to leave a comment. If you have further questions or a meaningful critique, engage with the writer and ignite an interesting conversation.

Start Discussion Threads in Groups

All over the internet there are groups formed, but the most beneficial ones are where members speak regularly. If you’ve joined or started a group, keep it interesting by stoking regular communication among participants.

There are so many ways to take advantage of the She Writes community. Find the path that leads to your writing future today!

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  • Rose CG Writing

    Your article was informative and easy to understand. Thank you. Rose

  • Tamara Warner Writing

    Like Leilani Maeva, I am also receiving the message saying my account is not activated even though I already signed in through the email verification. Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong?

  • Can I put a blog post on SheWrites that I also put on my author website blog?

  • Leilani Maeva

    Hmmm... I would like to post an article, but it keeps taking me back to the home page when I click on the write button. Also, it says my account is not activated even though I already signed in through the email verification.

  • barbara johnson

    I used to, some time ago, participate regularly, but haven't in a while. The groups I enjoyed are no longer active. So far, I haven't seen anything that grabs my attention. Guess I'll keep looking.

  • Jo Barney

    I am having great difficulty signing in, and when I do, getting to the next place I want to go. Is it me? Or what? I loved She Writes when it came to me without the complications. Now I can't even log in. [email protected]

  • Reina Donia

    Thank you! I'm excited to get started!