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Who to Follow First on
Written by
Christelle Lujan
April 2017
Written by
Christelle Lujan
April 2017

So you’re new to She Writes? Welcome! She Writes is the world’s largest online community for women writers and we’re so happy to have you. At first, the site can be a little daunting, so we’ve developed some kickoff articles that can help you use the platform to best suit you!

Ultimately, this site is all about community and community is all about people. So when you’re getting started on, it’s important to begin by following people within the community. Below are some recommendations and ways you can find people who post exactly what you need to know.

The Leaders

She Writes is headed up by some very talented ladies. The original founder, the She Writes Press publisher, the CEO of the company and the site’s administrator can all be found actively writing for the community. Each of which is a fascinating follow!

Kamy Wicoff

The original creator of She Writes, she started this community with a specific vision for the future of women in publishing. She knew that for women to thrive in the world of writing, they had to conquer big hurdles together. Follow her as she shares about the community and provides insight on her own journey as a fiction author.

Crystal Patriarche

As the CEO of the five companies that fall under the SparkPoint Studio umbrella, including, Crystal is a pillar of success in women-owned book business. She is a season book publicist and marketer with more tips than you can shake your fist at!

Brooke Warner

Traditional publisher turned She Writes Press hybrid publisher, Brooke has a unique and informed perspective any writer at any stage in their career could benefit from.

Kristin Bustamante

A content queen and the person who knows all the ins and outs of the new site, Kristin is full of industry insight and web savvy.

Featured Contributors

Maria Murnane is a bestselling author and a consultant for authors. With the first person and third person perspective on the industry, she is a nonstop resource for aspiring and published authors. Make sure to check out her backlog of articles.

Cassandra Black writes in fiction and nonfiction and her expertise is as varied as her work. She talks about the writing process and shares news of her romance series. Catch up with Cassandra by skimming through her 200+ articles on She Writes!

Zetta Brown gives us all much needed “Reality Checks” in her informed and upbeat She Writes content. As an author and editor, she provides insight on marketing, writing and more.

Meghan Ward as another writing and editing super-member, Meghan shares on a subject almost every writer can relate to: “Networking for Introverts.” She talks about attending conferences and using social media to grow your network as an author.

Finding Your People

Once you’ve connected with some of our highlighted contributors, start exploring our Members in a more in-depth search.

Members Page

You can sort by the number of articles posted, the latest members to have joined and the members with the most followers. Browse some bio’s and see if you can find some members that are similar to you or inspiring experts in your genre.

Join Groups and Follow Participants

Another great way to connect is by joining groups. They are much more niche and can really get to the heart of a subject. The members in that group are definitely your people.

Browse groups for ones you want to join. You can find everything from genre-specific groups to regional ones and this is a great place to start finding members to follow and communicate with.

A great example of this is the Minneapolis/St. Paul Writers group.

There are 14 members to follow and discussions to join in on right now. If you’re so inclined, you could message members and even try to coordinate group meet ups. Enter the group with a splash and start up a discussion on a subject that is relevant to you and the group!

Make sure you also follow anyone who writes an article you love! This way you know whenever they post a new piece.

Members are at the very core of the site and for authors looking to broaden their knowledge and their network, She Writes is the perfect place to start!

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