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  • Relica Enchanted, Volume I Preview: Chapter 1: The Story of Our Love
Relica Enchanted, Volume I Preview: Chapter 1: The Story of Our Love

The following is a preview of  the Relica Enchanted series, Volume I: Chapter 1: The Story of Our Love available on Amazon by Maryanne Johnson. Check out the website: http://maryannesbookshelf.com

His skin was black magic luster, onyx pearls, spread amongst charcoal at midnight, the kind of dark you get lost in, hungry for the light, more decadent than the finest dark chocolate, cherry cordial filled, sweet, and this was just one facet of his seduction over me… Eyes were as poignant as Bambi’s, wide, and bright, inhaling life for the first time, every time he looked at me. Sienna brown dexterity knocking on the door of my heart –every single time he blinked. His hair –thick black coils of curls softly collected and tightly woven into the interfaces of his allure, like a tree fully blossomed in spring, the recesses of his mind, -unlocked in order to procure. His lips were so supple, moist and delicate, the color of melon and plum, and just as plump and juicy. His smile like lightening –struck, like the pearls of oysters, with the shimmer of stars, same gloss as the whites of his eyes, riveting. Black male, -black mailed me every time with just his touch. And I said, yes, yes, agreed too much. Touch that motioned vibrations within, chills on skin, with ripple effects shifting the mantle of my heart, I was no longer resilient or strong, I was moved beyond and willing to unleash the passions that would eventually dismantle me, and make my earth quake into oblivion.

What have I done?

Honey dripping from the broken hive of what my omnipotence once was, mixed with blood from too much musing or maybe –not enough, as he made me insatiable, in frame of thought, in state of mind, in lust…my emotions –rapids, rushing into an infinity of waterfalls chasing ocean. And he implanted the notion, with just one look; if looks could kill, he had me shook. I was his token, present for the choking; he was the only stakeholder in this…scenario. And I was the wager. Thankfully he was the winning kind. He always acquired what he wanted, no holds barred.

Blissfully anticipating, he made romance synonymous with “Driving Miss Daisy”. He took me there, to a special place, a realm unimaginable, frankly, quite unfathomable, of which words could not give credence, to the likes of riding a black bodied and gold horned unicorn, naked, through a lake filled with the sweetest red wine, cocaine dreams –pipe high, when he christened all ten toes with his warm mouth, sucking amply each toe like sour apple flavored Blow Pops, while simultaneously administering a definitive foot massage, that silenced barking dogs to the quintessential purrs of kittens, putting me into detox. This was no romance; this was an appetizer to foreplay that he fed me subtlety, as little did I know, in the long run, he planned on starving me, and holding me hostage in the dungeon of his lonely decrepit heart…

His lovemaking was an art, more ancient than imagination’s start, and the beginning of reason, –Eve’s partaking of the apple, Adam’s acquisition of knowledge, because I could not reason; his love hypnotic, addictive, traumatic, and magnifique. From the toes to the feet, he grabbed my legs and pulled them towards his heart, with feet over shoulders, his kiss like butterfly flutters from ankle to inner thighs, he then hummed a lullaby with his face in between my thighs, oh my, oh my, I thought I’d die, but he knew I would...


For more, check out the website: http://maryannesbookshelf.com


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