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  • [SWP: Behind the Book] From Struggle to Self-Care: Reframing Your Writing Process
This blog was featured on 05/10/2017
[SWP: Behind the Book] From Struggle to Self-Care: Reframing Your Writing Process

I decided to go into meditation specifically for the purpose of asking the Universe for guidance on the challenges I was experiencing with writing my book. It had been a long and demanding journey—translating personal spiritual experiences into universal principles accessible to others is arduous work—and I was experiencing frustration every time I sat down to write. No matter how noble or determined my intention, I found myself trying to avoid the task of writing. So I decided to meditate on the problem and ask the Universe for guidance.

As I began meditating, I posed a question, formulating my words in silence: “Over the past decade, you have revealed to me significant insights about the nature of spiritual development. I know I need to write this book in order to get these ideas out into the world, but each time I sit down and write I feel like running away. Why have all of these ideas come through me, when you, loving and creative Universe, know that writing is so difficult for me? Couldn’t you have picked an already accomplished author?”

Having finished, I sat quietly for a while—letting go of these thoughts, focusing on my breathing, clearing my mind, and enjoying a moment of emptiness and stillness. I don’t know how much time passed, but after a while I felt the tingling of energy in my body which is always a sign that I am in an expanded state—a state in which the world recedes into the background and I become pure consciousness. The initial response I got from the Universe was simple and clear: “Self-love, self-care, kindness to yourself.”

I sat with that message, and as I did, more detailed guidance unfolded: “You have been given a gift and it is your duty to share it. Just as you express self-love and self-care by eating well and taking care of your body, your writing should be an act of kindness to yourself. If you write as an act of self-care, everyone will benefit; you will be self-actualizing while serving the greater good. Yes, this will demand self-discipline, but you will find your unique voice, even though it may be challenging.”

As I opened my eyes I thanked the Universe for its clear response to my query. My entire body was alive, every part of my being fully present. I reflected on the guidance received and thought to myself, Self-love, self-care, and kindness do not come easy. In fact, many times they are the most difficult lessons to learn. It is often easier to be kind and loving towards others than towards ourselves. But I know what it feels like to care for myself, to be gentle with myself, to be loving and non-judgmental. And so, if writing the ideas that keep coming through me is the way the Universe is offering me a lesson in self-care, then I shall have to accept the lesson with grace, and begin practicing self-love through self-expression, and kindness through writing.

I’m sure you’ve experienced some version of this struggle between a relentless calling and a persistent resistance to write.

What life lessons were you faced with when writing your book?

What tools or practices did you use to overcome your struggles?

What were some of the rewards of engaging in this creative journey?

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