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  • Freelance Copywriting for Beginners: Top 5 Tips to Start Making Money
This blog was featured on 05/11/2017
Freelance Copywriting for Beginners: Top 5 Tips to Start Making Money

Freelance copywriting and blogging may sound like an easy, lucrative side job anyone who obtains decent writing skills and has a few hours of spare time a day may embark on. After stepping on that journey and turning freelance copywriting into my part-time job that lets me remain financially independent and finish my master’s degree as an international law student, I may honestly confess that it definitely has its drawbacks.

The first one is the difficulty every beginner inevitably faces. It’s related to finding a constant supply of copywriting assignments and earning a semi-decent income from it. Some people who don’t want to deal with that on their own join various copywriting agencies, writing and editing services or cooperate with other copywriters who supply them with projects, deadlines and a bit of professional advice.  However, if you were to choose that route, you would soon find working like that quite challenging. You would often feel constricted by the pre-determined technical tasks that limit creativity and make expressing your personality/style in your own writing almost impossible. Additionally, you would have to deal with project that don’t inspire at all, which would turn your writing into a completely mechanical work that has nothing to do with creativity.

And while you shouldn’t expect something extraordinary from copywriting (it’s SEO-oriented work after all), you may totally make it more interesting and engaging by becoming a freelancer. Obviously, freelancing isn’t the safest career spot ever, but when it comes to copywriting, the freedom of choice and the variety of projects you may get exposed to is definitely worth going solo. To be honest, financial benefits will tempt you to do that at some point of your copywriting career anyway. So, let’s give it a shot and learn how to give a jumpstart to your freelance copywriting career and make good money from it.

(Please, bear with my English, as it’s a foreign language for me.)

Tips to start a freelance copywriting career and succeed in it

1. Get noticed

It’s the most difficult step of working as a freelance copywriter. You need to approach your self-promotion quite seriously. You need to ensure your presence on different online platforms for freelance copywriters, contractor referral websites, job searching resources, etc. This way you’ll get exposed to the prospective clients and increase your chances to be chosen by one of them. Setting up a business social media account and your own website is highly recommended as well. However, don’t expect clients flood you with copywriting assignments the moment you register on those platforms. As a beginning professional, you’ll have to literally ‘hunt your clients down’, look for them online and persuade that you’re that qualified, aspiring individual they’ve been looking for.

2. Obtain basic skills

Writing great content is the key to being a successful copywriter. But, you need to obtain few basic professional skills to be able to conform to the clients’ requirement and create articles that serve their purpose. Being able to generate keywords, come up with suitable topics for articles, alluring headlines, work with plagiarism checkers, edit your articles, and create different, unique articles on similar, if not identical topics, etc. are the things you need to learn.

3. Work with a couple of clients/projects at the same time

This way, you’ll diversify your operation, which will prevent you from getting bored of writing articles on the same topic and experiencing the productivity decline. Moreover, the more projects you engage in and the more clients you keep in touch with, the lower the chances of the well-known ‘dry spells’ are.  Don’t take on more projects than you can handle, though, as it will reflect on the quality of your operation, which will take its toll on your reputation of a freelance copywriter.

4. Experience

Generally, people won’t mind working with beginning copywriters that don’t have too much experience if their writing skills are quite satisfactory. As far as I noticed, some even prefer copywriters who haven’t turned into mechanical writing machines, which don’t put too much into creating articles. But if you find yourself facing ‘the lack of experience’ barrier, try to set up a simple blog and write it for a month or so. This way, you’ll be able to provide writing samples to your clients, as well as have a personal space to express your thoughts and improve your skills. With a bit of passion and dedication, that blog may turn into something bigger and profitable over time.

5. Boost your reputation via guest posting

If you’re experienced in a certain area and have great tips to share, you may pitch your article ideas/drafts to reputable magazines and online platforms. Refundable or not, a couple of publications on high-ranking online resources will serve as great references and image boosters to include in your portfolio.

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