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  • Supporting Other Points of View in Entertainment Content
Supporting Other Points of View in Entertainment Content

What This Black Liberal Feminist Enjoys About Last Man Standing


How many broadcast network television comedy series feature a cast of characters who are diverse in gender, age, ethnicity, body type, social class, family dynamics, and religious and political beliefs? How many network t.v. comedies treat every point of view with equal amounts of respect and challenge (and sometimes lighthearted ridicule)?

Seeing Nancy Travis and Tim Allen portray a happily married couple with opposing views in politics reminds me of the real-life example of Mary Matalin and James Carville. When it comes to the best interests of their children and their extended family, friends, neighbors, employees, and community, they work together as a team regardless of their philosophical differences to achieve the most beneficial outcome for everyone in their circle of responsibility and influence.

What an ingenious attitude toward dealing with life and conflict.

In real life there’s a broad spectrum of everyone from political abstainers to outliers, dangerous zealots, and fanatics in every political camp. In mainstream entertainment media there’s a necessity for as wide a range of conservative voices as liberal ones. Those of us who identify as liberals shouldn’t expect all entertainment content to be presented in an echo chamber that perpetually resonates with the same political philosophy refrain.

Entertainment content, particularly comedy, provides safe intellectual and emotional space for audiences to consider ideas, beliefs, and points of view that are new, controversial or threaten the status quo.

Including people whose existence was previously marginalized or excluded from mainstream entertainment content shouldn’t require the complete erasure of people who were once (and often still are) disproportionately over-represented in casts of characters.

My hope is that Last Man Standing gets un-cancelled. At this turbulent time we need more safe spaces for non-violent debate of our philosophical differences, not fewer.  


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