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  • What is extremely Forbidden in God's eyes? Let's find out about this issue in this world...
What is extremely Forbidden in God's eyes? Let's find out about this issue in this world today!

What's sin? What is salvation only found in Jesus? 

Many have asked these questions and many get wrong answers. Unfortunately, I have the answer: completely. 


  • any thought that we think that could or would embarrass others especially a Holy God,
  • any action that would embarrass others or a Holy God, 


  • anything that we are called to do by God or someone (whether something godly or good) and we fail to do it.

Now, how do we as imperfect people erase sin: we CAN'T. 

There are two types of people that roam this planet that God sees: people who have come to the cross to receive his grace through his Son's death and sacrifice on the cross, 


people God the Father longs to have close to his heart by coming to the cross to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 

If you think that all of your sins maxiumized on a holy scale can offend a Perfect holy God, you are wrong. One sin can infinately offend a holy and just God and is extremely HEAVY on his own scale. 

The good news is however, Jesus with his payment for sins through his death on the cross, can heal you of your past sins and forgive you of your past, present and future sins. All you have to do is receive his forgiveness and grace by coming to the cross and confessing all your wrongs and sins. 

Receive Christ today. It's the ONLY way to truly live. 



Key passages: Romans 3:23-26; Romans 5:6-7; Romans 6:3-7; Romans 10:9-19; Romans 8:14-16

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