My "Weird Tricks" For Overcoming Writers Block
Written by
Leilani Maeva
May 2017
Written by
Leilani Maeva
May 2017

We've all been there - you go to hit the keyboard, but all your sentences sound weird, boring, and perhaps a bit like those ads for "native" writing at .03 cents a word.

Today, I will share a handful of very useful tricks for getting through these periods of frustration that can leave us pulling our hair out. Especially if you're on a deadline and don't have anything presentable ready!

So let's get right to it:

1. Just write, even if it sucks.

Gary Halbert - one of the most famous direct mail sales writers of all time strongly believed that writers block was just a myth. And even so, he went on to write groundbreaking sales letters that generated millions of dollars in sales. His secret? Write, write, and write some more... even if you hate what you're doing. Fragment sentences, use bad grammar, and make your inner editor cringe.

And when that's done, move on to the editing part. Slowly start chopping up silly sentences, and clean up the wording. It is during this inevitable period that you will spot and correct errors, think of better ways to phrase things, and make things sound much better, and perhaps put your "voice" into it to make things a lot more interesting.

2. Get it done, then re-read it the next day.

After spending a few hours on an article, it's frustratingly easy to become unaware of your own poor choice of words, grammar, spelling and more - that's why its best to look at it with a fresher state of mind. The next day, or even a few days later is ideal, because if you had to research a topic you may have absorbed knowledge in the mean time (which also helps you write about a topic much more believably).

I write on a lot of strange things - one of the strangest includes something called the "Mandela Effect". People actually think that history is changing - nothing significant, mostly mundane changes like "Fruit Loops" being called "Froot Loops" - or how the famous Star Wars quote by Darth Vader is "No, I am your father", as opposed to "Luke, I am your father". Some people believe that CERN, a company that is largely focused on computing technology and quantum physics is disturbing our current timeline. Anywho...

After getting distracted watching the "weird" side of YouTube for a few hours (research...), I definitely understood what it meant, atleast on a basic level. I am grateful that I have a naturally curious mind and checked it out. Some other interesting things I've come across are pheromones, nootropics, "pick up artistry", and a secret community on the "dark web" - Wikileaks.

These are interesting discussions that have enhanced my social life, and my knowledge of things far beyond the usual!

But anyway, onto my last and final step:

3. It's a conversation, not a pitch.

The internet has made information accessable for everyone. And these days, its more likely that someone in their 20s, 30s, or 40s+ will TRUST a company that has transparent, open language. Not cryptic lawyer stuff, because that is like talking to a brick wall. People want to engage, buy, and interact with their FRIENDS. If you are a writer, business owner, social media expert -  developing an engaging, friendly, and conversational writing style will be the most important skill you learn for now and the future.

Also, remember what I said about good old Gary Halbert? He strongly advocated not using language that a 3rd grader couldn't understand. Not because people are dumb - but because it makes things easy to understand, and FAST. Everyone wants things done yesterday. And if you can help them get there faster, more easily... they will always come back for more.

Keep it lit, writer friends!


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