Craftabulous is a 90 paged e-book featuring 13 Craft ideas/projects, to include the following:

The Shoe In
Water Colors
Air Dry Clay Art
Floral Pens
Felt Finery
Gnome Fashionistas
Secret Fairy Garden
Polymer Clay Treasures
Star Wars Stockings
Easy Christmas Ornaments
Crochet  Like Crazy
Contain Yourself
Exploding Box

The book’s mantra is to “Be Fabulous. Be Crafty.  Hone Your Inner Crafter!”  The words Craft and Fabulous being merged together to create the title. It is a book created to inspire fellow crafters of all ages and skill levels, from beginner to expert.  This book is available on Amazon by M.D. Johnson.

If you like this e-book, be sure to check out Craftabulous II!


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