Patience is a what? Being this way helps you in life

Have you ever become so impatient that you yell at your kids, coworkers, people you admire or just your friends? 

The bible tells us to be patient in every circumstance for that is the will of God. But patientence can be hard at times especially when it isn't working the way we have planned. 

The video below is of a preacher who is very patient:

It's obvious how impatient we women can get, but if you look at Jesus, he never lost his patience. In fact, he had an entire world to save with such limited time: 3 years to be exact.

So how can we as women learn to be patient? Ask your Holy Spirit to give you patience. Work on it with your spouse, friend and coworker. Ask God for guidence. 

I pray that this helps you in some way and that you find peace in him Name. 


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