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  • God's Promises: How to completely Face reality in a broken and dying world
God's Promises: How to completely Face reality in a broken and dying world

Sometimes, I wonder if all of God's promises in the bible are all true for me.


God's promises in the bible are true, but the fact is that we need to be patient with him. How?

I believe that when God makes a promise, he follows through on it, which means he fulfills what he said he would say or do. We are in life together and whether or not God makes a promise, is not up to us. 

Just remember that just because God says he makes promises does not mean that he will not take longer to fulfill them. It takes time, energy and patience to see God move in ways we may never fully understand. 

Want more? Visit all three of my sites: https://iluvbingjcsbride.blogspot.com/?m=0http://growthinfaith.blogspot.com/?m=0http://praywithme101.blogspot.com/?m=0 and type in the search box: God's Promises. 

God does fulfill his promises: it just takes a lot or a little longer than we expect of him.


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