What has Joanna Blackburn been up to?

To All my readers,

This last week I've been busy with research for my next book in the Silverleaf Series.  It won't be long and book 2 will be out.

Silverleaf Series

Book 1: A Voice In the Mountian

Book 2:  Stormy Blessing's ( Will be out any day now)

Book 3:  Editing it now


Native American Series

Book 1: Short Psychic Stories

Book 2: In progress


The Best Kept Secret

Fantasy Ideas:  Roots That Sound Magical

I'm now working on a line of articles for writers who use psychic abilities in their fantasy worlds.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be busy with the above, but I will try to at least update my blogs every other day.

Thanks to all my readers for being patient.   Joanna Blackburn


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