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One year post publication.....
Written by
Sheila Grinell
June 2017
Written by
Sheila Grinell
June 2017

My novel, Appetite, was published by She Writes Press last May. I had engaged BookSparks for publicity and also researched book marketing online and with local contacts. Once the book appeared in print, I set to work getting out the word. Here’s how the book has done so far.


Distribution: About 1,000 paperbacks and almost 2,000 e-books were bought in the U.S. and U.K. (three-fourths of the e-book sales came from a BookBub promotion). The number of readers is actually larger because so many buyers share. The paperback is in libraries in at least 16 states. In my home state of Arizona, it’s in the collections of four cities in the Phoenix metro area.


Public relations: After last year’s launch events in seven cities, I began speaking at local libraries and literary venues, and promoting the talks on Facebook. I also participated in two book festivals and five arts-and-crafts festivals. Events increase awareness—and I autograph a few books each time. A few months ago I expanded my talk to include the topic of changing careers in one’s sixties (I call the talk “novel as second act”), and audiences are responding well.


Person-to-person: I’ve met with ten book clubs and heard a variety of comments—readers often say unexpected things. When I launched my monthly newsletter a year ago, there were 150 subscribers. Now there are more than 300, and my subscribers are three times more likely to open their email than the “industry average.” I usually receive about a dozen personal replies per issue.


My biggest surprise in all this activity:  those reviews and ratings we beg our readers to post on Amazon and Goodreads are really important. Not because Amazon promoted my book (it didn’t), but because the people who introduced me at various events quoted them, and so did some book club members. I’ve stopped begging for reviews, but I haven’t stopped marketing. Until the next novel is in print, I’ll be flogging Appetite—and enjoying the run.


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  • Skeeter Buck

    Congratulations Sheila! This is an amazing first year for you. I'm curious if you would mind sharing what your budget for PR was and what they executed for you. I'm a small publisher trying to give guidance to a new author. Thanks in advance.

  • Lisa Thomson

    Phenomenal! May I ask how you got your distribution of the physical books?

  • Marlene Saffan

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