This blog was featured on 06/19/2017
Settling In

Christina Baker Kline is sharing brief capsule pieces exclusively with the She Writes community. Each piece is part of the larger series she's sharing with us. This is her first piece. 

Our dog, Lola, does it every morning. She roams around trying to get a feel for whether anyone will be at home, and in which rooms. She tries out one spot — splayed on the hall landing, a watchful eye toward the front door — but soon abandons it for another. She jumps on an unmade bed and turns around three times, sinks down, curls into a ball. After a while she stretches out long, her belly as rounded and freckled as a cow's.

I have my own version of this routine: a mug of hot coffee, a comfortable chair — no, perhaps the old chaise in the sunroom window — a college-ruled notepad (faint blue lines on white paper, a firm pink margin), a black Pilot P-500 micro-point pen. Circle three times, curl in a ball, settle in deep.

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  • Thank you to everyone for reading Christina's piece. These are very brief capsule pieces that are running as part of a series. They're meant to be brief bits of inspiration, and you can find the next one on Christina's profile page. Thank you!

  • Lori Parker

    Where's the rest of this article? And I'm pretty sure the other article by Cristina Baker Kline is also incomplete... Is there no one behind the switch?

  • Diane Turner

    Something missing???

  • I'd to think this post was a wardrobe malfunction; something that went terribly amiss!

  • Huh, what? I spent several good minutes locating my SheWrites password, then waiting for this page to boot up -- all of it longer than it too to read this nice, but unhelpful, bit of fluff. A computer glitsch I trust.

  • Lisa Thomson

    What happened to the rest of this wonderful start to an article? Is my computer screwed up?

  • Nancy Jarmin

    I'm confused. This started out great and I settled in, expecting a great read. Alas, the author picked up her notebook and pen, turned around three times, like her dog, and quit for the day. What was the point of this? Am I missing something?

  • Mardith Louisell

    Is that the whole article - 2 paragraphs? or am I not seeing the rest?