20 Things Fiction Writers Want in a Reader

This article is being written in response to 20 Things Fiction Readers Want in a Story.  I only thought it the politically correct thing to do to rule out any form of discrimination.  I know, -I have some hutzpah to even come up with the concept, -but if we are honest with ourselves the literary climate has shifted for the worse.  Do we truly appreciate good literature and good writing or are we only open to the fast food style of writing?  Where it’s served quick, cuts to the point, and we’re done, no fancy lingo, short, astute sentences to make punctuation and editing easy, no cliché’s –matter of fact-ly stated? –In essence all about the story.

I think readers are all about the story line nowadays.  What happened to the love of language used, the metaphors, similes, alliteration and description, -what happened to the poetry?  It seems all cut to the chase, -action, action, action opposed to lights, camera, action.  If I was to create a list of 20 things I as a fiction writer would want in a reader, the result would be as follows:

1 Lover of Language or Words

2 Lover of Figurative Language (onomatopoeia, hyperboles, personification, etc.)

3 Has A Knowledge of Great Writers of the Past

4 Conscious

5 Lover of Wisdom and Wit

6 Appreciation of the Art of Fine Writing & the Literary Arts

7 Has A Sense of Humor

8 Lover of the Dramatic

9 An Empathizer

10 Keen Observer

11 Detail-Oriented

12 Questions Everything

13 Loves to Learn

14 Emotionally Intelligent

15 Well-Rounded

16 Worldly

17 Open-Minded

18 Embracive, Accepting

19 Knowledgeable

20 Adventurous


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