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Life after Book Launch
Written by
Amy S. Peele
June 2017
Written by
Amy S. Peele
June 2017

My  debut novel CUT - a medical murder mystery came out on April 11, 2017.  This is a photo from my book launch at Book Passage  in Corte Madera. There were over 100 family and friends in attendance. It was an evening not to be forgotten. It's now been two months & I've done three book clubs, presented at several Transplant programs &  also attended a national Transplant conference.  

I'm working closely with my virtual assistant to keep current on some of the social media platforms, that in itself seems like a full job.  

I must say though, it never feels like I'm doing enough no matter how much I do.   I've asked Readers to post a honest review on both Good Reads and Amazon. I'm happy to report that I've gotten some great feedback in both areas. 

 I would be so curious to hear from people who read this blog about some things that they do to get a sense of accomplishment post launch. 

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  • marianna crane

    I am unable to join She Writes--seems the birthday area is grayed out and therefore I haven't completed the form.

  • Amy S. Peele

    Thanks for the great feedback & tips. Catherine Marshall-Smith asked what I did to relax after my book launch - had a party & flew to a book singing in Florida the next day. Normally I would have mediated & had a swim & maybe some chair yoga the next day.

  • My book launch was like my wedding 34 years ago. There was huge build up, the event which was wonderful and then a let down. Fortunately, I have another one coming up -- also at Book Passage, on August 20th. But I am striking out on my own to have book signings in cities where I have family with friends. It is difficult to measure the impact of social media. on book sales. There is no substitute for being in front of readers or potential readers who have already cleared their calendars and made you and your book a priority. But I'll tell you what. You wrote this blog and I read it. I am going to buy your book at my independent bookstore and write you a review. That serves two purposes, it gets me out of my post book launch let down and rewards you for posting this blog. I have an additional question: How do you relax after the book launch?

  • Susan Keller

    I got a tremendous amount of information about Amazon marketing from Tim Grahl. He has books on the topic and a wonderful internet series that seems timely, practical, and relevant to the marketers that we also have to become as authors. Best of luck to you!

  • Writing for publication, and then trying to sell what you've written certainly are certainly difficult, uncertain, and ego-shredding activities! Best of luck to you!
    My first launch party was done by a friend; the next one will happen this coming weekend, and I'm doing it as a part of a group authors' book event. It's always scary. And not everyone will like - or even want to read like - what you've written. If you've gotten some great feedback, you're doing something right!

  • Skeeter Buck

    I have used NetGalley to help with reviews and comments. Many reviewers also post to their individual websites, which is a added plus. But, most always post to Goodreads and Amazon.