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How to actually meet (and exceed) your writing goals

I am more than a writer (you probably are too). I'm also a partner, a dog mom, a friend and writing coach. I mountain bike, rock climb, camp, hike and spend time with the people I love. I like a clean house too (though my standards pale compared my guy's) and prefer to cook over eating out.

Once I realized that all of those roles and pastimes are just as important to me as writing (and in some cases more important) I was able to do something critical for my writing: relax my expectations.

I'm sharing some shifts I made recently to my own writing life. Eight shifts that have helped me write more, write better and have more fun doing it. Here's number two (you can read the first one here): 

Shift #2: Adjust your expectations to your priorities. 

Here's what that meant for me:

Going on vacation in Baja? Bring along a pen and notebook just in case, but don't plan on writing. The purpose of the trip is relaxation and time with friends.

Have a busy week ahead, with workshops to teach and client writing to read? Don't expect to write every day. Maybe two or three. 

It sounds simple, but the shift had a profound impact. Instead of feeling guilty about the time I wasn't writing, I was able to focus on the other tasks at hand. When my schedule opened up, I was excited to return to writing. 

And I didn't just ease the pressure with my daily and weekly writing. I adjusted my big picture goals, too. If I'm only working on my creative writing and personal projects a few days a week, I'm probably not going to write a book in a year. But I can write some short stories or part of that book. 

The result? I have one story published, another being submitted, and one in the works. I also started a novel. That's a lot more than I expected. As I always tell my clients, keep the pressure low.

It's far more fun to overachieve than feel eternally behind.

Take a look at your own writing expectations with this prompt:

Have you been expecting too much from yourself and your writing? If so, how?

Join the conversation and let us know what you uncover on the Facebook page or in the comments below. 

P.S. Ready for a writing breakthrough? Break free from writing rules that don't work and find your way with my FREE three-part series: Inside the Writers Mind. The first insight (and writing prompt) could be yours today.

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