Tried & Tested Strategy to Market Your Blog Posts

So, you wrote an amazing, potentially engaging article and published it on your blog. Now what? Well, your article’s journey is only starting. In order to keep it live for a reasonable amount of time and make it visible to your target audience, you need to promote it in multiple ways. That’s especially important if your blog doesn’t have a large following yet and the traffic… Well, there’s quite a lot of room for improvement in that area. Posting links leading to your post on your social media profiles to share it with your friends is a no brainer, but even this promotional activity may be taken to the next level of effectiveness with a couple of hacks. let’s look into which creative blog post promotion tactics you may apply to drive more traffic to your website and acquire regular readers.

1. Turn it into social media content

Make your article sharing posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus more engaging and viewer-friendly. Instead of simply sharing your article and asking your followers to head to the site to check it out, create a valuable social media content based on the key points of your blog post. Make something short and appealing, something even people who haven’t read your article could share.

Media content is what people seem to enjoy the most, that’s why a loud image featuring the most interesting quote from your article or a few tips deriving from it would be the best thing to post. Infographics are well-received as well. Don’t forget to add hashtags to attract people outside of your following too.

2. Submit your articles to social bookmarking websites

Popular social bookmarking platforms provide bloggers with wider online exposure and increase the chances of their content being noticed by people scrolling through the Internet. They also serve as valuable, often free sources of backlinks, which are rather important in terms of search engine optimization and traffic boosting.

First of all, social bookmarking websites often allow their users to leave a link to their original post in the author’s bio graph. Secondly, other users may feature or republish your article on their website and give you a credit by linking back to your blog, which means more backlinks and online recognition for you. The only thing I would suggest to anyone, who’s adding a post to social bookmaking websites, is to add the “canonical” tag to the republished article’s HTML code to avoid duplicate content issues.

3. Post on forums

Determine niche forms and submit your article to different discussions to gather backlinks and make your article more visible to the target audience. But, in order to increase the effectiveness of this blog post promotion technique and avoid getting banned by forum administrators, make sure to build your reputation on those platforms. Answer to 20-50 user’s questions and leave comments in total before dropping a self-promo, maintain a consistent presence on that forum and link to other websites not to be accused of spamming the moment you mention your own article.

4. Promote businesses in your articles

Even the owners of low-traffic blogs manage to earn money by endorsing local businesses and promoting their services by writing sponsored posts. For instance, home improvement and DIY bloggers tend to cooperate with interior designers, landscapers, and remodeling contractors in order to make money on generating blog content. More often than not, people who ask bloggers to post about their companies share that content on their social media profiles and, consequently, contribute to the traffic growth of respective writers. There's no such thing as too many social media mentions, right?

5. Cooperate with other bloggers

It’s not that difficult to spot a fellow blogger – social media and blog listings are available to everyone. So, make a list of small bloggers who also pursue the goal of driving more traffic to their website, connect with them via Facebook or LinkedIn and drop a cross-promo offer. Ask them to allow you to guest post on their blogs or post a backlink to one of your articles to expand your reach. Provide the same services in return. By consolidating your blog building efforts with other aspired writers and conducting reciprocating marketing campaigns, you’ll be able to improve your rankings and acquire new subscribers.  

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