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Things I've Learned from Podcasts - #10
Written by
Bernadette Geyer
August 2017
Written by
Bernadette Geyer
August 2017

The second 2017 installment in my series of posts about podcast episodes I’ve listened to recently offers some important takeaways for you.

Create Your Own Life with Jeremy Ryan Slate, #91 – How to Get Referrals

In this episode, Slate talks about how podcasting has really helped him understand how to get referrals. While most of the episode talks about how he got started in podcasting and some of the great people he’s had the chance to interview, here are the important takeaways about getting customer referrals.

My takeaways:

* You have to understand what you have to give. Think about how you can become a person of value to others.

* Treat your clients and customers like gold. Give them a value, and the will give back. They will want to give back.

* Sometimes, you have to ask for the referrals. But, if you’ve given enough value, if you’ve proven yourself, the referrals will come.

The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast, hosted by Jason Miller – Publishing & Personal Branding with Sonia Simone

Sonia Simone is the Chief Content Officer at Rainmaker Digital and founding member of Copyblogger. Miller interviewed her about the state of publishing and personal branding.

My takeaways regarding publishing:

* Miller asked “Does content marketing spell the death of the publishing industry?” Simone answered that content marketing has risen up from the ashes of the publishing industry. We get information in different places today partly because the barrier got very low in terms of how hard it was to publish something on the web. “It just got so easy to … get out there and start creating really interesting, quality work … and then the rise of the social platforms meant it was much easier to find people to read what you wrote.”

* Miller asked, “Where does PR fit in this new structure?” Simone responded that what happened was that “PR became really about Public Relations and not Media Relations, and not, more specifically, mainstream media relations.” Simone noted two things a really good PR person can do for you:

  1. Help you shape your story, “because every organization has a messy birth. There are a lot of voices, and competing visions, and it’s messy and complicated. No one wants to read a messy, complicated story – it’s too hard to follow.”
  2. A great PR professional has a great contact list.

* It’s wrong to say that traditional media and publishing are going away. The top will survive. It’s the middle that is suffering. Some of them will emerge with really interesting business models.

My takeaways regarding personal branding:

* Simone says she thinks a lot about “Do I really mean this? Is this really what I want to say? Is this really how I want to say it?” She thinks about what she’s teaching people and whether, at the end of her life, it will have meant something to her.

* Every professional can get great mileage out of having a website as a home for their content. Not just freelancers. Create something memorable. Create a brand for yourself.

My general takeaways:

* It’s all about capturing ideas. “Everybody has plenty of ideas, but you have to have that habit of capturing ideas. And then you have to have someplace you can find them again.” Simone uses index cards for her ideas. If she is ever stuck for ideas, she just rifles through the cards. And she always has some blank cards with her so that she can scribble down new ideas as soon as she gets them. Miller says he uses Microsoft OneNote.

* Regarding podcasting, Simone had a couple of tips:

  1. It takes a while to develop a following. Be patient.
  2. Have fun and experiment before anyone knows what you are doing. Find your voice.

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