10 things to keep in mind while meeting a new born
Written by
Tanya Mutreja
August 2017
Written by
Tanya Mutreja
August 2017

Okay, so the time has finally come. Your sister or best friend or a relative just had a baby and you can’t wait to go visit the little one. It may be very exciting and heartwarming to watch the baby’s pinky face and hold her. But believe it or not, there are some etiquettes you need to know before making a visit.

  • Don’t go unannounced : You may not want to go barging in through the new parents’ door. Always call or text to know the right time to drop in. There could be a doctor’s appointment or the new mom might have to catch up on some lost sleep. So, it is always a good idea to check in with the parents before visiting.

  • Prepare yourself well : Your friend has just become a new parent. Even though this is the start of a beautiful journey, it is equally exhausting. It is possible that the new mom might be going on without several hours of sleep and food. So, better be prepared for anything and everything.

    Don’t go berserk if you see blood or the baby crying for hours on end or her nappies and toys lying around everywhere. It may do you good to do a little meditation and talk to yourself before going in. Don’t visit if you are not calm enough.

  • Hygiene First : As soon as you enter the house, find the nearest basin, wash your hands thoroughly and tell the parents about it. This way, you and the parents could be sure that the baby won’t be catching any germs. As babies are extremely sensitive, always remember to follow this advice. Particularly, don’t visit if you yourself are sick.

  • Bring along useful gifts : There will be a ton of supplies the new parents are going to need. From diapers and baby lotions to soft wipes and baby powder, the list is endless. Bring some of these items with you to your next visit and see the mother’s face light up in joy. Of course, you’ll be getting a big hug in return.

    Apart from this, you can always carry cupcakes or a coffee or books for the mom. Trust us, she needs this as much as the gifts that the baby needs.

  • Lend a helping hand : Once you reach there, don’t just sit idly. The new mom would have her both hands full so the least you could do is offer to help. Ask her if you could hold the baby while she does something for herself or if you could make some tea or coffee for her or do the dishes.

    Trust us, she would be more than grateful to you.

  • Don’t judge : Owing to the lack of sleep and food, it is possible that the new parents have not had a chance to clean themselves up and hence may look a little rugged. Plus, they might not make sense all the time and seem overly emotional.

    Try to look past these things and remember what situation they’re in. Be sentimental and understanding about their circumstances.

  • Don’t wear perfumes or bring heavily scented flowers : More often than not, newborns are sensitive to certain smells and fragrances. Also, as the mom’s body is constantly changing, she might become nauseous to them as well.

    Therefore, it is best to skip the perfumes that day or replace the roses with the ever-beautiful orchids.

  • Don’t ask to hold the baby : New mothers are very protective of their babies. It takes a lot of effort from them to let you hold their baby and they might even get anxious if they feel something’s off.

    Also, it may happen that your visiting hours coincide with baby’s sleeping or nursing. There could be many reasons why you don’t get to hold the baby. The key is to be patient and wait until the mom asks you to hold her baby.

  • Don’t give unsought advice : Believe it or not, new parents have received their fair share of parenting advice from almost everybody. Yes, even the maid doesn’t spare them. By now, your advice won’t definitely be a music to their ears. Only share your opinion if you’re asked, otherwise it is best not to.

  • Lastly, don’t stay too long : Moms need time to get things done like breastfeeding, pumping milk and changing nappies. These chores are not easy to do with someone around. They would probably not ask you that but keep in mind that they need their time.

    Try not to stay for more than 1 hour even if you drove all the way from the other side of the town to meet the baby.

Welcoming babies can sure be exhilarating. But you also need to watch out for the comfort of the new parents. Just keep these things in mind and you’re sure to get invited again and again and again(but keep some time in between your visits :D).

Good luck with your first visit!

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