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It was a distinct pleasure to be interviewed by author, editor, publisher, and book and business coach, Cristen Iris.

Laurie Buchanan fascinates me. She has as much energy as anyone I know, but the difference between her energy and that of others is power.

People who exude energy often display nervous energy, the kind of energy that pulls rather than pushes, the kind that depletes rather than energizes.

When Laurie speaks and writes, her words don’t take up space and push out the opinions and thoughts of others. Her words create space. And in that space, the listener or reader has room to think, be, and grow.

I have the pleasure of sharing physical space with Laurie several times a month. She is a friend and sage. I learn as much from what she says and writes as I do by watching what she does: the way she moves, engages with people, and is fully present.

However, what is more interesting and informative is what Laurie doesn’t do: what’s in—or rather is not in—the spaces she’s intentionally created in her life. She has designed a life that allows her to make her highest level of contribution without destroying herself in the process. She is a beer and a doer and someone I’m thrilled to introduce you to because I know you will be better off for having met her.

But don’t be fooled by her disarming demeanor and Buddhist practice, this woman is serious about getting serious about life.

To read the rest of this interview, click on this LINK.

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