Why I Write
Written by
Stacey L. Tucker
August 2017
Written by
Stacey L. Tucker
August 2017

I write to learn. I have an unquenchable desire to understand human relationships and writing is an amazing tool to accomplish that. When I can’t figure out why my [insert person’s name here] is driving me nuts I write a stream of consciousness to shake off the rust and uncover the truth of what’s really going on in the situation in front of me. I am a self-ascribed sleuth. Writing leads to awareness. And awareness is the first step to solving any problem.


I write to inspire. I focus on themes that resonate with women. We’ve been cultured to sit on the sidelines in the cheering section. Cheering is important but at this time in history, women are ready to step out into the sun. We just need a little support. Inspiring stories fuel our fire to be bold, set our sights on our goals, and go for them.

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