Blessings from Sunflowers
Written by
Karen A Szklany
September 2017
Written by
Karen A Szklany
September 2017


Sunny Blessing


August has flown by and September has arrived, bringing fair winds and sunshine.  Late summer is one of my favorite seasons because the temperature in New England has cooled down just enough to need an extra layer around my shoulders, and I can see the smiling faces of sunflowers almost everywhere I go.  I find myself taking extra walks around my co-housing community to admire them.  Though there are none in my own gardens this year, I am blessed to have neighbors who love sunflowers enough to cultivate patches of their own.  Everywhere I roam I am greeted by friends.  Sunflowers smile at me from their perch atop thick, leafy stems in front of my neighbor's houses or in the company of other plants in our community gardens. 

Helianthus Annus

Herb garden sunflower

Sunflowers are named for the sun for a good reason.  They radiate  warmth, charm and character. They actively spread good cheer.  If I am not walking just to soak in their welcoming spirits, I face them as I swing at our community's playground.  At sunset, they add to the glow of golden rays that splash across our lawns and gardens.  On warmer summer days, they provide shade for small creatures.  They are also a favorite resting place for dragonflies and grasshoppers.

Abundance in Action

Not only are sunflowers beautiful, they are also very generous. They give their seeds to all who are hungry: birds, chipmunks, and humans to name a few.  They share their nectar with honey bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.   Their scent draws me in, too.  To me, sunflowers are the most beautiful flowers I know!

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