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Get Out of a Writing Rut
Written by
Stephanie Elliot
September 2017
Written by
Stephanie Elliot
September 2017

There are some people who say they can, and do, write every day. I am not one of those people. In fact, I'm having a hard time writing these days. My debut young adult novel, Sad Perfect, was published just over six months ago, and I should be busy writing another novel, right? 


I've been thinking about it, about what I want to write next, and I dream about dozens of characters that fill up my head daily. But getting the stuff out of the head and onto the page is sometimes hard. Here are some tips to get you back into the groove, and get you excited about your next writing project!

1. Don't beat yourself up if the words are not coming.

They're in there, in that head of yours, and when the time is right, you'll write them down.

2. DO something else!

If you're not writing, what are you busy doing? For me, I feel like I need to remove the physical clutter around me, which helps to clear the mental clutter in my mind. Cleaning out a linen closet, reorganizing a book shelf, or cleaning out the pantry are things I do when I'm feeling stuck. You'd think with all the writing I'm not doing, and all the cleaning, my house would be spotless, but you'd be wrong.

3. Walk, run, bike ride, go to yoga, get physical!

I'm the worst at this, but I just joined a gym and I'm trying to exercise. This personal time to work on your body also helps your mind. When you're busy doing something else, your mind is free to wander, and you may come up with some pretty terrific writing ideas.

4. Commiserate with writer friends!

They're the best people to talk with when you're in a writing rut. They will encourage, inspire, and sometimes make you accountable!

If you've done these things and nothing seems to work, remember, it's okay! You're a writer and that fact will never change. You'll get there when the time is right, and then the words will flow!

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  • I soooooooooooo agree on the cleaning and organizing part. It works when I'm stressed or have a lot on my mind. It clears the physical and the mental clutter at the same time. :)

  • Nancy Hinchliff Writing

    Good ideas. I've used them in the pat Nd they work well.