A Woman's Worst Nightmare is What???

Raise your glass if you have ever had a moment where you compared yourself to another woman because she was more, or she seemed more, perfect at her walk with Jesus. Anybody know where I am going with this?

Ok. I will confess. I listen to an artist by the name of Britt Nicole and let me tell you: it has not been a pretty journey thinking that just because when she had her children and eats the right food from, maybe, the farmer's market, that she is healthy and picture perfect with her husband and family. With no drama? 

Yeah, right!

Because the reality is: she is NOT perfect! She is struggling with sins that even I am not aware of in my own life! 

Look, I strongly believe that comparison is a woman's wrost nightmare! Why? 

Because it always leaves us defeated in our walk with Jesus Christ. 

Who, was and always be, perfect and walked this earth and struggled like we do even today! 

So, stop looking at your friend's life or your husband's attributes thinking and wishing your life could be like their's because it CAN'T! As imperfect as this may seem, you are FAR from perfection, you are a flawed creature in Christ! 

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