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Why I Write

I told a friend once that I write because I’m much less crazy than when I’m not writing. Yes, that’s a flippant remark, and doesn’t really say much of value, but in some ways, it really says everything about how much writing means to me, and how deeply it owns me, too.

I write because I’m completely in love with the beauty and power of language. The lilt and nuance draw me in. Language is music and poetry, both. Each line in perfect balance and rhythm.

I write because a story is a door to another time and place. I think of Virginia Woolf writing in The Waves that the rain drenched streets of London looked “greasy.” She’s right. That’s how a wet city street will look, with the lamps on the sidewalk bestowing a watery glow. She wrote that decades before I was born, but it’s an image I recognize. I see what she saw, so many years later. It’s thrilling to think about!

I write because people do strange and wonderful things. Human beings fascinate me. I’m always trying to get inside them and decide what they’re thinking about, what’s worrying them, what they’re grateful for. I adore those moments when they realize they’ve made a big mistake, and start instantly trying to fix it.

I write because stories can break down the walls between people. Fiction reconfirms what’s important and worth preserving. Books are our common heritage, the wealth of intellect we inherit, and one hopes, pass along.

I write because each one of us – every single human being – is, in one way or another – a work of art.

How about you? What motivates you to write?

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