Why I Write
Written by
Sandra Butler
October 2017
Written by
Sandra Butler
October 2017

The through line that has informed all my writing centers on the need to unlock all the silences that still surround women’s lives. 

My first book, Conspiracy of Silence: The Trauma of Incest, published in l978, focused on the as yet unnamed sexual violation of young girls by male family members. The second book, Cancer In Two Voices, published in l988, was written in the first person about my life as the partner of a dying woman, and paired with her words as she faced her premature death. That, and the accompanying video was widely used as an educational resource for lesbian couples planning both emotionally and financially for the death of a partner, close friend or family member. 

My current book, published by She Writes, It Never Ends; Mothering Middle-Aged Daughters, co-written with Nan Gefen is designed to illuminate the first person experience of aging mothers and the challenges and adaptations that have emerged over the lifespan of their relationships with their daughters. 

I write to invite women to see their lives mirrored on the pages and to better understand the patterns and forces that shape their lives and their choices. I want my words to invite awareness and courage in my reader.

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    Thank you for sharing your why, I can feel the determination in your words.