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5 Etiquette Tips For Author Interviews On Blogs
Written by
Lisa Thomson
October 2017
Written by
Lisa Thomson
October 2017

I was recently asked to be interviewed as a guest author on a colleague's website. When I say colleague, I'm putting myself up a notch because this woman is a prolific, published author. Debbie Gies of hosted me the other day and I was thrilled to be a part of her community. 

It got me to thinking about times when I had asked fellow writers for the same thing, "Could I interview you for my blog? I think your book/blog would be of interest to my readers.", something along those lines. What has happened many times though, is the planned guest either doesn't get her answers to me in time, backs out at the last minute or fails to promote the interview with her own readers etc. So, I wanted to make sure I didn't do any of those faux pas at Debby Gies's site. Which then prompted me to write this little etiquette post for other authors or bloggers.

Without further ado, here is my etiquette list for author interviews on blogs (and this could be applied to other interview platforms, such as online magazines);

1. Answer the interview questions and submit them by deadline.

I know this is obvious, but it's surprising how many people get busy and 'forget'. Time flies, when you're busy writing other places, right? Be respectful of the host blogger's schedule. 

2. Know that you don't have to answer questions you're uncomfortable with.

Talk to your blog host or interviewer prior to post deadline, discuss your concerns, suggest other questions you can answer. So, instead of ignoring it altogether, take a moment to re-think and use other questions to allow for the host readers to know more about you without divulging too personal details.

3. Provide your social media platform links and a profile picture, along with a short bio.

Don't expect your host to round up all of this. It takes time, so get it ready for her and provide all the information you feel is necessary for new readers to find you and your books!

4. Once published, promote the post to the max.

Write a brief synopsis on your own blog, to ensure your followers will click over to your interview and hopefully find an interest in host's overall blog and books. Send a mail out to announce the interview to your subscribers. It doesn't matter if they already know you and the name of your first pet. Your regulars are bound to glean some new, juicy detail about you if the interview is a good one.

5. Answer every and all comments on the interview post.

Acknowledge that people have taken time to share a thought or two about you and your work. Remaining silent doesn't add to your mystique, it only causes you to come across as aloof. Interact, socialize like you do at a party, sans appetizers and drinks. (If you're having a drink in front of your computer, I won't tell ;) )

When it comes down to it, etiquette is simply being considerate. When a fellow author offers to shine a spotlight on you and your writing, you have to love that, and them. Show your gratitude, share the love, and enjoy the attention. Next time someone offers to have you on their blog for an author interview---say "Hell, yeah!".

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