This blog was featured on 10/26/2017
She Writes Guide to: Writing a Book

Writing a book is far from easy but thankfully, there are communities of successful writers with plenty of tips to help you finish that perplexing chapter or get you out of your slump. Let these helpful tips be the answer to all of your writer problems.

When it comes to starting a new project, a writing notebook will become your new best friend—ready for the genius spurts of inspiration, whenever they may hit. Brainstorming is key when you’re ready to start writing something new

Once you’ve tackled the inspiration obstacle, it’s time to get down to business and begin researching the world of your newest story. But try not to dwell on all the miniscule details and keep the creative juices flowing.

Whether you dabble in the art of Post-It Notes or charting your story on an extensive Google Doc, coming up with an outline will push you to the next chapter or plotline when you feel stuck and ready to throw in the writing towel.

Now, it’s time to write. Completing a first draft can be intimidating but do whatever you have to do to get the words on the page. Find a writing process that works for you and stick to it, making sure to give yourself plenty of pats on the back throughout this difficult time.

The first draft is done. Now what? Be prepared to keep writing. It’s time to revise, revise, revise. Don’t be afraid to employ these three stages of editing:

  • Developmental editing—focusing on the elements of plot, character and the story itself. Are there plot holes?
  • Copy editing— looking for crucial grammar errors, repetition and continuity issues you don’t want readers to find.
  • Proofreading—this is the nit-picky stage where you catch the tricky spelling, punctuation and other formatting errors.

 Writing a book may seem tedious but it all begins with the first draft, so get to writing.

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